The Old Kings Garden

D’Alde Coninckshof, The Old Kings Garden

Private garden

Do you want to visit a very beautiful private garden in the Netherlands? Near Nijmegen, 20 km from the border of Germany, in a small village named Weurt, you can find a garden, 2 acres wide, surrounding a small farmers house back from 1876.


Owners of the garden

You are welcomed by  the owners of the garden: Claudia Roskam and Paul Schröder. Claudia, the designer of the garden, sketched 13 years ago  the plan of the garden, made the plants-schemes and planted the borders. Together they planted a lot of very special trees and shrubs. Nowadays  Claudia maintains the thirty borders, Paul trims the grass and he makes delicious lunches.

Cottage garden

Around the house you will find a Dutch cottage garden, with many colours and old-fashioned plants. Also near the house are a little wine-yard, a meadow with our ponies Dolly and Dot, a small kitchen garden and a Victorian greenery.


The large garden exists of many borders with a special colour-scheme. For instance: salmon-brown, red-purple, silver-brown, orange-blue, or yellow-green. Furthermore you can visit the pond, a maze, a hosta-ditch, an embrace-hill, a meditation-circle, a tunnel of beechwood where you can stumble across the devil and the dark pine wood. See the many photo’s. You’ll find a different atmosphere in the silver gravel-garden. Only with silver leaved plants. There is a lot of light and warmth. And in the grass border grow  many grasses and prairie plants from America. Both the gravel-garden and the grass-garden are examples of low maintenance gardens. According to our visitors is d’Alde Coninckshof: surprising and hospitable. Open for groups > 12 pers.:in june, july and august. Fare: € 5,- p.p.,  tea and coffee included. Please contact us if you want to know more.

Bed  and Breakfast

There  is also a Bed and Breakfast. For garden lovers a wonderful experience: breakfast at the pond  in a great garden!

Cost of the B&B:  €70,- for 2 persons, €50,- for one person.

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